Wherever You go

Hey everyone! I apologize for not posting last week. I was at a leadership conference that is actually the subject of this blog! I learned so many great things and God did some amazing things in my life!

This last week I went to the Student Institute of Campus Ministry (SICM) in Bellingham, Washington. I woke up nice and early Saturday morning and my Chi Alpha pastor picked up me and two of the other students who were going. We made the 13 hour drive all the way up to the northern part of Washington where the conference was being held. It was a week full of learning ways to disciple others on our campus, ways to study the Bible, and making some great new friends! I learned so much and would love to share every bit of information I learned, however I am going to focus on one of the main things that stuck out to me.


Matthew 28:19-20 says “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Most people know this as the Great Commission. Jesus calls his disciples to spread the Good News of the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Now, I know what some of you may be thinking. “I’m not meant to go to a foreign country on a mission.” “I’m too old for that.” “I’m too young for that, I have college to think about.” “Missions work just isn’t my thing.” Whatever your excuse is, you’re wrong. As followers of Jesus we are all called to make disciples, but that may look different for each person.


The Sunday of SICM we went to church at Hillcrest Chapel, who was hosting the entire conference. The woman who gave the message that morning shared an interesting concept with us. Wherever your feel are is where your mission is. In the original Greek language, the verb ‘go’ actually has two meanings. She described them as big ‘g’ Go and little ‘g’ go. Big ‘g’ Go is the Go that everyone expects Jesus to be talking about in the Great Commission. Go and uproot your entire life to wherever I call you to share the Gospel. This is the Go everyone focuses on. Some people are called to uproot their entire lives for missions work and if you are one of those people that is awesome! But as for everyone else, you don’t get off the hook that easy. The little ‘g’ go applies to you. Little ‘g’ go make disciples means as you are going, make disciples. As you are going through life, make disciples. As you are going to the grocery store, or going to work, or school, make disciples. Share the Gospel and love of Jesus wherever your feet take you. And that’s something every single one of us can, and are called to do.


This was a concept I had never really thought of before. I was one of those people that always thought being on mission for Jesus was about going to other places and sharing Jesus there. It never occurred to me that I could be on mission right where I was. I have lived the past couple years with the mindset of “I’ll just get through school and then I can share Jesus where God wants me to.” But this is a right now thing. Our lives are full of divine appointments that God has set up. The guy sitting next to you on the bus may have been put there by God so you can share Jesus with them. That girl that you pass on your way to class everyday might be waiting for you to share the love of Christ with her. A single conversation could change their entire world. You may not see the results, but by having that conversation, by telling them about the amazing God that loves the world so much he sacrificed everything for it, you are planting seeds and giving God a chance to grow inside them.

Missions work isn’t just sharing Jesus with people from foreign countries. We are called to be on mission wherever we go. At work, at school, walking down the street. Wherever your feet take you is your mission field. You don’t have to travel to be on mission for Jesus. You can share his Good News with your coworkers, your college professors, your family, even the strangers you pass by on the street. Anyone could be someone God put in your path to share His love with. So don’t wait! Don’t wait for a sign or for a clear word from God. He already gave it to you in His word! go and make disciples.

loving others

I am a diamond in progress on mission for Jesus.


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